Know your

Designed for your comfort

A wardrobe is personal. Let’s create one that’s unique to your needs.



The Dwellkraft Wardrobe Range

Select from our range of wardrobes suited for varying styles and budgets

Varying Styles


Pocket friendly

Premium, Elegant & Sleek finishes

Select from 200+ options

Select the type of finsh you want

The best-in-class parts and accessories

Shelving and Hanging Solutions
● Shelves ● Hanging rods ● Pull-out baskets ● Pull-out shoe racks
Drawer systems
● Regular drawers ● Jewelry drawers ● Tie and bel racks ● Trouser racks
Asccessories and Organizers
● Pull-out mirrors ● Valet rods ● Pull-out ironing boards ● Pull-out hampers
Specialty Storage
● Pull-down wardrobe lift ● Wardrobe lifts with integrated mirrors ● Pull-out pants racks
Customizable Components
● Adjustable shelves ● Modular drawer inserts ● Removable dividers
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Why choose a Dwellkraft kitchen?

45-day Delivery

Flat 10-year warranty on DuraBuild Cabinets

Soft-closing hinges and a sturdy build





Smooth and Seamless finish

Customized Design solutions

Expertise and Knowledge



Unique and

Personalised solution



Reliable and


What different do you get?

Core Materials

Your kitchen goes through a lot. Superior-quality materials at the core ensure it lasts a lifetime.

  • Engineered Wood
  • MDF HDF, HDHMR and Particle board
  • Plywood
  • High-strength termite resistance material

Aesthetics and Elegance

Give your Kitchen a distinct look as per your wishes

  • Shutter finish
  • Pu, Laminate, membrane, Acrylic and Glass handles
  • Regular handle, Edge handle, Gola handle, Knobs
  • Countertops and Backsplashes
  • Granite, Quartz, Solid surfaces, and tiles

Know your Wardrobe

Understanding a wardrobe’s layout is the important as Your wardrobe influences your daily routine.

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